Update on C.A.I case #100 66 71 (Connect-Ed, and Disrespected LBPSB Community)

Update on C.A.I case #100 66 71 ( Connect-Ed, and Disrespected LBPSB Community)
From the Approved Minutes of the Secondary Schools Parents’ Committee – Feb. 19, 2009:
 7.4 Parental Concerns about ‘Connect-Ed’:
 ” Although all parents agreed that the Board definitely needed a better method of communication in the case of emergencies, they were just wondering why the necessary and required step of attaining prior permission from parents (to send their personal information to the US), was skipped. “Name of Commissioner’ mentioned that she would get more information on this and report back to us.” ……..  
So there you have it. Parents ask commissioners, why didn’t you ask us permission? Commissioners respond: we’ll find out. Four other commissioners were present.  Parents never got an answer. I know I did not. 
Anyway, as a citizen,who had asked questions about this at webcast Council meetings, I filed a complaint with the ‘Commission d’accés à l’information du Québec. 
To be clear, on my part, this is not a matter of the merits of the messaging system but a matter of RESPECT and SCHOOL-BOARD DEMOCRACY – among other things. 
Subject : Blackboard Connect-Ed…
To : André xxxxx <andre.xxxx@cai.gouv.qc.ca>

November 14, 2013

I was wondering what is the latest news concerning the matter indicated below.
You may recall the matter involves the LBPSB, the CAI and a messaging system.
The story started in 2009 and the case was heard on March 2013.

It was Dossier # 09 08 99.
The case led to another case : Dossier # 100 66 71 , which you are handling.
Thank you for your attention to this issue.
Chris Eustace
———- Forwarded message ———-
From : André xxxxx <andre.xxxxx@cai.gouv.qc.ca>
Date : 2013-12-02 10 h 34 GMT — 5 h
Subject: Blackboard Connect-Ed…
To : Chris Eustace <cgeustace@gmail.com>

December 2, 2013
M. Eustace,
Further to your email and phone message, sorry I could not get back to you sooner, I was out of the office.
I have finished my report and it will be submitted to an administrative judge.
I can not comment further on the report or on a date when a decision will be annonced.
You will receive a letter indicating the decision of the Commission as soon as the analysis of all documentation, by an administrative judge, is completed.
Again I would like to thank you for your cooperation and the documentation you have provided during this investigation.
Cordiales salutations,
Direction de l’analyse et de l’évaluation
Commission d’accès à l’information
575, rue Saint-Amable, bureau 1.10
Québec (Québec) G1R 2G4
>>> Chris Eustace <cgeustace@gmail.com> 27 Mai 2014 08:10 >>>
May 27, 2014

Bonjour Mr. Marois :
It has been a few months since we last communicated.
I was wondering if you have any news regarding the case involving the LBPSB , the CAI and a messaging system.
As of now I have not received ” a letter indicating the decision of the Commission. »
The Dossier # is 100 66 71.
Merci beaucoup for your attention to this matter.
Chris Eustace
Forwarded message ———-
From: André xxxxx <andre.xxxxx@cai.gouv.qc.ca>
Date: Tue, May 27, 2014 at 8:51 AM
Subject: Rép. : LBPSB , CAI and Blackboard Connect-Ed…
To: Chris Eustace <cgeustace@gmail.com>

Bonjour M. Eustace,
I have checked again this morning after reading your email and since november there has not been any development.
Cordiales salutations,
André xxxxx
Inspecteur – Enquêteur
Direction de la Surveillance
Commission d’accès à l’information
575, rue Saint-Amable, bureau 1.10
Québec  (Québec)  G1R 2G4
Téléphone : 418 528-xxxx


On March 27, 2013, The Suburban put out an article “Beaconsfield Code Red emergency phone system running “
An excerpt:
” By only providing publicly available information to the Florida firm, Beaconsfield has avoided the backlash that Lester B. Pearson School Board faced three years ago, when it engaged a United States firm to provide a callout service  to its students’ families.”