School Board ‘WhistleBlower’

September 14, 2014
The following picture was taken by journalist Robert Frank of The Suburban on December 17, 2012. The caption is from The West Island Suburban.
Going on two years later there is no sign of any development of an “Employees Disclosure Protection Policy” (a.k.a. ‘Whistleblower’ Policy’).
Meanwhile the English Montreal School Board created/passed its policy in Sept. 2012)
The following is the introduction of the EMSB policy
Origin: General Directorate
Authority: Resolution #12-09-05-14
The English Montreal School Board (EMSB) believes it is important to have a
culture of open communication where issues and concerns can be dealt with as
they arise. The EMSB continually strives to ensure its policy framework provides
guidance and processes that contribute to best practices and integrity in our
mission as an educational institution and in our actions. This Policy supports the
EMSB’s policy framework by providing staff with an additional method for
disclosing serious concerns of wrongdoing in the workplace. The Policy will apply
in situations where it is not possible to use the usual method of reporting concerns
to an employee’s immediate superior or through other policy processes. The
EMSB strongly prefers to hear about any such concerns in a timely manner so that
they can be dealt with and corrected, to avoid the potential of further problems over
the longer-term.
It is the policy of the EMSB that employees should disclose information concerning
wrongdoing when they have reasonable grounds to believe that another person
has committed a wrongdoing in the workplace, and to ensure that employees who
come forward within the context of this Policy are treated fairly and are protected
from reprisal.
This Policy applies to all EMSB employees. However, the EMSB encourages any
person to make a disclosure of wrongdoing.”
Note:  …”any person”…