Is there still a reason for public school fees ? – Aug. 28, 2013

The Gazette


August 28, 2013


Is there still a reason for public school fees?



As students return to ” class this week, parents will undoubtedly be expected to shell out a pretty penny for school fees, charged at most public schools for some school materials and services.

“AccordingtotheEducationAct, schoolsarenot supposed to charge parents for textbooks and other pedagogical tools and, generally, school boards do follow the rules in the collection of school fees as outlined in the pamphlet put out by former minister of education François Legault.

The pamphlet, published in 1999, was the result of many complaints by parents concerning the fees. I believe it is time for the Ministry of Educationto update the pamphlet, and to seriously consider the abolition of school fees, given the ever-rising school taxes.


Chris Eustace