Public schools work for students

29 Jan 2014 The Chronicle (Montreal)

Whether it is a public or private school, it is always sad to hear about an English educational institution closing due to low enrolment.

That said, Queen of Angels Academy school officials will sit down with parents this week “to help find new high schools for their girls to attend next fall.”

Here is an option: years ago, ‘Money’ magazine stated that private schools rank no better scholastically than comparable public schools.

Public schools admit all types of students – from the ‘special needs’ students to the ‘gifted’ ones. This diversity represents a real- life environment.

A fraction of the thousands of dollars saved could be spent for extra tutoring, or used for family time activities. Visits to a museum, an exhibition and other attractions certainly help in developing a ‘whole’ child.

Consider these graduates from Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School: CTV broadcaster Lori Graham; Nelligan MNA Yolande James; radio broadcaster Terry DiMonte; CBC broadcaster and former NHL player PJ Stock; CJAD reporter Michel Boyer; and the fellow who has plowed my driveway for the past several years.

With its high success rate of about 83 per cent, the English public school system is worth a second look.

Chris Eustace