Kudos to Suburban Reporters

Compliments to reporters Joel Ceausu and Robert Frank for their educational pieces concerning the school board elections slated for Nov. 2, in the July 30 issue of The Suburban titled: “2014: Where we’ve been …. and where we’re going.”Their articles are a follow up to their joint piece in the Jan. 1 issue:  “School board elections present hope for progress in 2014.”

However, besides the articles, what also piqued my interest was the picture of former politician, Clifford Lincoln, on the Suburban’s front cover.

Recently,  the former MNA and MP, wrote an opinion piece wondering what would former Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson do in reaction to the many expanding violent conflicts in the world today.

That said, I’m reminded of a story that took place, ten years ago, in my last year of teaching. I asked my classes – about 130 students – what they knew about the name of our school board. Only about a dozen  of them had a good idea who Lester B. Pearson was and what he did.

It was evident, at the time, that there existed a rather disturbing lack of knowledge by many senior high students concerning our history. Apparently, as I’ve been told, matters have not improved over the years.

The problem lies in the curriculum,  textbooks and slanted views. Recall about three years ago the English school boards created an absurd history examination that assumed wrongly that legally “Quebec is a nation.”

It is high time the government vastly improve the teaching of Canadian history in our schools.

Perhaps this small step may help put Canada back on the map, as a leader concerning human rights issues, and restore our image of the “good diplomat.”

Newly elected school commissioners should pursue this matter – the sooner, the better.