Your Local Journal – Dear Editor: May 1, 2014 (“Shameful”)

Have you ever heard of the expression :  “No comments from the peanut gallery?”
On April 28, 2014,  I attended the Lester B. Pearson School Board Council of Commissioners Meeting.
 I was strictly there as an observer because I am still barred – 5 months now – from asking questions at the Public Question Period – a practise that I have been doing for 15 years.
However, there were other people who spoke at Question Period . Two of them complained about the treatment by the LBPSB of the Chairperson of the  Central Parents Committee, who is also a Pearson board Parent Commissioner.
I was so upset I murmured: “Shameful”,  which Chairperson Suanne Stein Day heard, and made a comment which resulted in my expulsion from the meeting. Another parent complained and she also got evicted.
This can be all seen and heard at the webcast meeting , starting around the 1:10 minute mark. It is also reported in The Suburban newspaper.
One of the parents , who are complete strangers to me, made a bang-on reference to the Code of Ethics and Conduct of Commissioners.
This is another reason why it is important for people to vote for new commissioners in the Nov. 2, school board elections.

Note : to appeciate the preceeding please view the following link starting around 1:10:00 to 1:19:35-