Why Eustace is running

The Suburban Letter to the Editor – June 11, 2014

In her letter to The Suburban on June 4, titled : “Clarification in order,” Mary Fabian writes that she is “somewhat confused” regarding my candidacy for chairman of the Lester B. Pearson School Board, considering I have been critical of boards for years.

My actions do appear to be paradoxical. Nonetheless , I am committed to the public education system. Irrespective of my views, the Quebec government has determined that school boards will stay for four more years ; consequently, I felt compelled to run to bring meaningful change.

Ms. Fabian may erroneously consider a lack of support for school boards as being synonymous with a lack of support for English education.

Since they were inaugurated, it is difficult to pinpoint any board action that has provided any significant support for our schools.

For example, with respect to the curriculum, the boards are mere rubber stamps for the government bureaucrats . They even failed to secure the appropriate English textbooks in a timely manner for students , who were obliged to follow the provincial programmes.

Though enrollment dwindles, bureaucracy thrives. I have first hand experience of the board’s stonewalling on financial issues.

Last year the Central Parents Committee Budget Consultation Response told the board to minimize “Head office personnel, including past employees of the Board.”

I believe that some of my public criticisms have produced changes, such as ending the unauthorized diversion of monies from the Pearson board’s regular operating budget to fund classes in Pre-K . As well I have advocated a stricter Code of Ethics for commissioners.

I am running for Chairman, not as a mission of self aggrandizement, but to improve the service given to the schools by the boards.

I do not consider this to be a rung to climb the political or social ladder. Nor do I need the salary that comes with the job ; I receive three pensions.

With grandchildren in the system and my 35 years experience in the classroom, I have first hand knowledge of the decisions that need to be made.


Chris Eustace