Gazette: Impressed by Couillard (March 12) ; NP : Quebecers made the right decision (April 9)

The Gazette

Impressed by Couillard

Wed Mar 12 2014   Re: “Eliminate jobs, not school boards: Couillard” (Gazette Online, March 10) Kudos to Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard for taking a plank from François Legault’s Coalition Avenir Québec’s education platform to reduce the education bureaucracy at the provincial level. Both parties claim that their intention would be to reinvest the savings into schools. However, a Liberal government would keep the present system of school taxation. Couillard’s belief that it is the way to maintain a democratic link between the population and school commissioners is hardly supportable based on past experience. The manner in which school taxes are calculated based on property valuations is arguably unfair. On the other hand, the CAQ would eliminate school taxes entirely. Legault suggests transferring the democratic link from school-board commissioners to parents and people who work in schools, and their governing boards. Chris Eustace Pierrefonds



National Post

Quebecers made the right decision


Wed Apr 9, 2014


As an English-speaking, retired teacher and home owner, I fully agree with the theme of your editorial. Today, I will not have to worry about my property and my pension plan being devalued. It’s also good to know that French-speaking students will now learn more English, which will, undoubtedly, help them in the future.

Chris Eustace Montreal