Fighting for democracy – Lawyer’s letter – February 12, 2014

(After waiting almost three months since I was barred to speak at Council, I hired a lawyer to fight for my democratic right to speak at Council. )

Subject : Formal notice

Madam Stein Day,

We are the lawyers for Mister Chris Eustace.

Our client has informed us that the board you preside has barred our client from asking questions and making comments at the two monthly school board meetings, namely the Executive Committee and the Council of Commissioners.

As he is a school taxpayer to the Lester B. Pearson School Board, and , who has grandchildren who attend a LBPSB school, these meetings are very important to him.
Our client has the absolute right to attend and ask questions at these meetings, to inform himself as a tax payer residing in the district where the board you preside has jurisdiction.

He needs to ask questions and make comments to contribute to the democracy of the board.

Our client considers that it is a denial of his democratic rights and that it is unlawful for the board you preside to bar him from participating at these meetings.

Our client formally requests, through this letter, to be allowed to ask questions and make comments in accordance with his rights.

If the board persists in its decision to exclude our client from the democratic process, as is his constitutional right to participate in, our client will have no choice than to sue the board with a mandamus procedure in order to force his right to ask questions as
permitted by the Quebec Education Act.

If he has to do this, all costs of the lawsuits will be claimed, plus compensatory and
punitive damages.

Our client wishes to resolve this situation amicably and is looking forward to ask
questions, make comments at board meetings again, as a tax payer, a retired teacher, and
an interested citizen in the life of school democracy.


Jeremie John Martin, lawyer

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