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Parents can help keep kids in school

Montreal Gazette Sat Dec 14 2013 Re: “Opening doors for ” at-risk kids” (Gazette, Dec. 12) There are many useful ideas and organizations, such as Youth Fusion, out there, but to help combat the dropout rate, the best weapon to keep kids in school is parental engagement. Evidence has shown that when parents get directly […]

Critic silenced at LBPSB board, Letter by SSD, Editor’s note, and comment by Chris Eustace

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 The Suburban With regard to the above-captioned article, I can assure you and your readers that questions on air quality, ethics, enrolment and overhead are not barred, have been asked repeatedly and have been answered. Mr. Chris Eustace has been barred, not because of personal comments made, but because he chose […]

One bill for school and property taxes

The Gazette Tuesday, November 05, 2013 Re: “A new mayor and a new start for Montreal (Editorial, Nov. 4) The Gazette notes that the “divisions on this city council (may) … give rise to a diversity of bright ideas.” Here is an idea that may very well help unify these “divisions.” Homeowners in Montreal pay […]

Libre opinion – Une mauvaise qualité de l’air dans nos écoles nuit à l’apprentissage

20 août 2013 |Chris Eustace – Professeur à la retraite et grand-père, Pierrefond|Éducation À la fin du mois, au Québec, près de 900 000 élèves retourneront sur les bancs de leur école primaire ou secondaire. Quarante pour cent des écoles de la plus grande commission scolaire du Québec, la Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM), sont […]

Children need much more exercise

The Gazette Published: Thursday, January 10 2013 Re: “Exercise helps children with ADHD, study finds” (Gazette, Jan. 5) This study, which shows that school work improved after 20 minutes of exercise by students with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), is yet another example why policy-makers have to legislate more physical education in schools. Let’s analyze. […]